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We are equipping and empowering women with hope! Providing workshops and gatherings through cities for women to unite. We work with you to give you the tools and resources to do just that. Living less than what you are destined to be, is not freedom; Living your full potential is! Live fearlessly!

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A time to fellowship, connect and EAT ❤️ We giggle we gather and we love friendships and new relationships.

Such an amazing time of connecting with other women entrepreneurs. One can only walk away encouraged through Karrie’s passion for uplifting others. So glad I participated in the Girls Night Out Expo!!
Deborah Engles
Motivational Me is an organization designed by Karrie Shust. Through her own personal journey she has learned the vitality of connecting with other women of Christian faith & has organized a platform to allow that to happen. Karrie is a great speaker & is filled with love of the Lord as she shares personally from her own journey of the great things the Lord is doing in her own Life. #MotivatedToServe
Felicia Brummett


Karrie Shust is a national speaker, wife, mother, coach and author of the I am Leadership Training Series.  She loves to celebrate and laugh and she transfers her energy and moxie through her teachings.

Karrie has been an overcomer her whole life.  From childhood trauma’s, to being on her own at 15, to an adult dealing with family addictions, she is a champion for the underdog.  As a Daughter to the most High King, a savvy business woman, a strong mom, and a fierce friend.

She believes in you and that victory in your life is certain. When you’re down, she’s who you want in your corner and who celebrates every success no matter how small.  Like a great warrior and leader she understands that by standing firm in our identity, being anchored in the Word of the Lord, and being relentless in becoming unmovable by circumstances, victory is inevitable.

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