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Motivational Me
Our Goal Our Goal We aren’t miracle workers, but we sure try to look at everything in life from a positive angle!
What's Important SO it is important to remember that in order to be all you can be to and with all those things and people, YOU must be the most important person in the world. What's Important
It's All About You It's All About You It's about you! Your value your, worth your connections!! What inspires you and motivates you?


The Founder

  • Who is Karrie Shust?

Karrie Shust is a national speaker, wife, mother, coach and author of the I am Leadership Training Series.  She loves to celebrate and laugh and she transfers her energy and moxie through her teachings.

Karrie has been an overcomer her whole life.  From childhood trauma’s, to being on her own at 15, to an adult dealing with family addictions, she is a champion for the underdog.  As a Daughter to the most High King, a savvy business woman, a strong mom, and a fierce friend.

She believes in you and that victory in your life is certain. When your down, she’s who you want in your corner and who celebrates every success no matter how small.  Like a great warrior and leader she understands that by standing firm in our identity, being anchored in the Word of the Lord, and being relentless in becoming unmovable by circumstances, victory is inevitable.

  • What is Motivational Me?

Motivational Me started over 20 years ago….

Motivational Me empowers others to be the best version of themselves.  Through connection and collaboration with individuals and small businesses, Motivational Me encourages them to succeed and serve.  Because of the I Am Leadership Series and Pack the Purse, Motivational Me brings encouragement, empowerment and excellence in using practical ways to move past limiting beliefs and behaviors to release your inner champion.  When we all work together to support one another we all win.

Motivational Me ULTIMATE goal is to empower and equip women with the resources they need to live life fearlessly. Providing support for them to make differences in both their lives, and others through leadership.  Leadership is from the inside out.

We hope you find goodness, empowerment and ZEAL as you come alongside of us and become part of the community and culture.  Women are better and stronger together.  Living life fearlessly and bold. It is truly about one woman , one community that brings strength to the world.