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Motivational Me
Our Goal Our Goal We aren’t miracle workers, but we sure try to look at everything in life from a positive angle!
What's Important SO it is important to remember that in order to be all you can be to and with all those things and people, YOU must be the most important person in the world. What's Important
It's All About You It's All About You It's about you! Your value your, worth your connections!! What inspires you and motivates you?


The Founder

Motivational Me is an inspirational organization, whose goal is to empower and equip women with the resources they need to live life fearlessly. Providing support for women to make differences in both their lives, and others’.

Motivational Me started out over 10 years ago as a small group of women. Our founder, Karrie Shust, saw a need in her community and she called upon her friends and thus a movement was created. Karrie started teaching and motivating children and teens as a cheer coach. She taught morals, logic, and life lessons. She lead volunteer activities and projects to help women all across Tulsa, packing purses for homeless women, hanging scarves on trees, and even frequenting prisons to speak to incarcerated women searching for guidance. Over time, the company expanded. Now hosting conferences, public volunteer events, and even classes for women to meet others and get inspired.

Keeping the joy buckets full, engaging in healthy relationships with other women, learning to love each and every one of them regardless of the situation. So, began the “I Am” series. It started with two, then five and then blossomed five years ago when she gave her life back to Christ and let Him drive! Now it is conferences of 15 to 25 women and seminars of 400. Talking with middle and high school students, young entrepreneurs, mom-preneurs and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds! SHE LOVES IT!